Saturday, 13 August, from 6 PM

from 6 PM: Music intervention Katie Shannon
8:30-9:30 PM: Music performance Susu Laroche
9:30-11 PM: DJ Set Katie Shannon, Susu Laroche, Zoe Williams

On the occasion of the Opening of ‘Wet Resistance’, Liquid Currency will take the form of a performative installation and bar serving yellow liquids, draped in fingernail yellow latex with the emblem of a spinning, dropping, and melting coin, minted with a gorgon’s head.

The bars’ theme plays with the idea of a ‘liquid, degrading circular currency’. Amplifying the notion of a bar as a place where one exchanges money for the service of liquids and supposed pleasure – only for the liquids to be pissed out, returned to waste and water – the environment and ultimately back into our bodies.

Katie Shannon will create a soundtrack and performative interventions over the evening and Susu Laroche will perform a live set of her music. The environment features Liquid currency bespoke fashion and spatial design latex artifacts by HYDRALiquid Currency has been conceived by Zoe Williams (*1983 in, lives and works in London) in collaboration with HYDRA (Anna Gloria Flores), Katie Shannon and Susu Laroche.


The exhibition Wet Resistance begins its narration with a dystopia: in a dried-out world dominated by moisture-repelling technology and artificial intelligence, wet resistance emerges in defence of natural, humid, human qualities, and celebrates moisture as exchange, humour and life.

A large-scale installation of tiles and metal plants by José Montealegre becomes a landscape in which the works of eight international artists are embedded. Wet Resistance contrasts the wet, mossy, growing, overgrown and irrational with the dry, clean, rational, technical and broken. The human body, with its high water content, is conceived as an organism entangled with the world in which it lives and which it constantly co-creates.

curated by José Montealegre (Künstler) and Rebekka Seubert (artistic director Dortmunder Kunstverein)


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