Jörg Oswald


9 April – 29 May 2011

‘The trigger’ is the center of the multimedia installation. Time slips away and, through its countability, becomes a human construct. A movement, a click, a blink, a second, a minute, an hour. The determination of the speed depends on the possibilities of human perception. The course of a day, the passing of an hour, even the movement of a minute hand cannot be perceived by man as movement. The movement is too slow, the difference per time unit is too small. The second is what we can see and count. It is like a heartbeat, like a step, it describes the pulse and rhythm of human life.

In his project ‘Trigger,’ Oswald creates time-dependent qualitative events that lie at the intersection of slow and fast. Oswald has been using natural, chaotically complex time structures to compose his works for nearly two decades. One easily senses the movement. ‘Trigger’ becomes a kind of art laboratory that serves to build up an event potential. The pictorial phenomenon of a second or a moment will become visible in the fascination around the speed of an arrow.


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