Andreas Golinski


20 September – 23 November 2013

Andreas Golinski has persistently and intensively pursued the stories surrounding the Mintarder Ruhrtalbrücke. In his new work DIE LÜCKE, DIE DER KASTEN LÄSST these culminate in a walk-through installation with a pronounced soundscape. His objects and installations are characterised by radical reduction and are anti-decorative. Among other things, they reflect the dilemma between the urge to remember on the one hand and the simultaneous forgetting as well as the blind spots in the collective memory on the other, the latter compressing the moment between present and past.

Andreas Golinski (born in 1979 in Essen, lives and works in Essen and Milan) captivates with works that oscillate between Italian Arte Povera and a current form of memory forensics, influenced by his homeland.


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