DER BAU - Ein Verwicklungshilfeprojekt

6 April – 8 June 2013

The starting point of the work of is a trivial image - the Thomasbirne at Dortmund's Phoenix Lake - which is staged in various forms. This image is adopted as a model, isolated, duplicated, copied, cloned and charged with new stories. This image of the Thomas converter is adopted as a guiding image and reanimated, entangled in new stories and contexts, isolated, multiplied, copied, cloned. It appears in surprising embodiments and becomes the star and cult object of new stagings. It comes into motion, flies, becomes liquid, it is baked, painted, cooked in and settled. The amount of images and films collected on memory chips and digital media increases exponentially from second to second. The urge for a seamless pictorial fixation of our everyday life can be seen as an attempt to reassure ourselves of a reality that is continuously evaporating precisely because of the inflation of images. In this way, more and more dead, unused image material is created. 

The Dortmunder Kunstverein is used as an open workshop in which the various stages of the guiding image are produced. At the end of the exhibition period, the image documents and objects of the different stages of the mission statement will be brought to the Thomas converter at Phoenix lake. 

Thomas Goerge and Gerhard Schebler founded the development aid organization in 2001. Together they realized various projects, among others, at the MUMOK Vienna in 2001, in Frankfurt am Main in 2003, in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. They also appeared with their machine opera Caprificus II at the 2010 Herrenhausen Art Festival.

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