Angelika Loderer

coming in pieces

12 September – 1 November 2015

Playfully handling heterogeneous material and unusually applying classical sculpting techniques, Angelika Loderer (born 1984 in Feldbach, Austria, lives and works in Vienna) creates sculptures that reveal their processual nature as well as generating tension between gravity and lightness, fragility and robustness, control and chance.

The elements connecting the works on view are not only the tension created, but also the reference to common, almost mundane objects, whether originating from nature or culture, in the sense of being manmade. In the exhibition, they appear like readymades and toy with an aesthetic of the everyday part of life. With humour and a touch of absurdity, heterogeneous materials merge into a whole ensemble through sculpture, like parts of a body – coming in pieces. On the one hand, Loderer’s humorous way of dealing with different sculptural techniques is due to her studies: sculpture and multimedia with Prof. Erwin Wurm at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (2006 – 2011). On the other hand, being a daughter of a Styrian artisan caster in third generation, she learned a broad bandwidth of casting techniques and made them prolific for her artistic work.

Kindly supported by

    Kunststiftung NRW    

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