Picknick am Wegesrand

Rochelle Goldberg, Tiril Hasselknippe, Veit Laurent Kurz, Martin Schepers, Raphaela Vogel, Phillip Zach

5 March – 22 May 2016

The exhibition Picknick am Wegesrand (Roadside Picnic) features drawings and sculptures of six young, contemporary artists, interested in the fusion between nature and technology. The works by Rochelle Goldberg (*1984 in Vancouver, CA), Tiril Hasselknippe (*1984 in Arendal, NO), Veit Laurent Kurz (*1985 in Erbach, GER), Martin Schepers (*1979 in Lengerich, GER), Raphaela Vogel (*1988 in Nürnberg, GER) and Phillip Zach (*1984 in Cottbus, GER) respond to new, digital technologies with haptic and sensual materiality. 

Picknick am Wegesrand also takes a glance at relics and visions of the industrial age in the Ruhr area. Doesn’t the Thomas-converter at the Phoenix-Lake in Dortmund appear like an object from another planet? Couldn’t a city like Marl be suitable as a set design for a Star Wars movie? The mining industry left a landscape full of bizarre buildings and objects in the Ruhr area. But the menacing side of these relics is still present: under some slag heaps, the waste from the high yards still glows today, and nature is gradually reclaiming its realm. Landscape and architecture interact heavily within the Picknick am Wegesrand works and convey a sense of not knowing what is to come. No matter in which respect, this uncertainty contains something vital - in that it stimulates the imagination and, not least, results in expressive artistic works.


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