2 March – 13 May 2018

The exhibition DIGITALIA takes place on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the six-person artist group hobbypopMUSEUM. The guiding principles see the artist group as a band, always on the move in the world of art, transforming the exhibition space at every stop on its Never-Ending tour into a playful work of art.

The meeting of artists in the exhibition space and the subsequent collective painting explorations of that space set in motion an associative process, paving the way for great spontaneity and speed. The same is true for the choice of materials, consisting of anything from paint to sculpture, from video to performance. It is a process directly linked to a search for and reflection of liveliness.

hobbypopMUSEUM are: Sophie von Hellermann (*1975, lives in London), Marie-Céline Schäfer (*1967, lives in Zhaoqing, China), Christian Jendreiko (*1969), Matthias Lahme (*1974), Dietmar Lutz (*1968) und André Niebur (*1973), all of them are living and working in Düsseldorf.


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